Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rain Finally

We've finally gotten some rain. The pond is at the lowest I've ever seen it. Stargazer lillies are in bloom in the front garden and a few unidentified flowers are in bloom in the back. I'd like to work in the gardens this weekend but will be too busy with our indoor projects to do that.

I believe this is a balloon flower above.

Id Please

ID Please


Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely balloon flower, 'Platycodon grandiflorus',the double flower variety...simply called "Double Blue" or "Astras Double Blue".

The pink and white is 'Phlox paniculata' phlox, many varieties out there, not sure which that one is (maybe "Bright Eyes"?)

The last one looks like 'Physotegia virginiana' (Obedient Plant).

Again...what a fantastic collection of plants a former owner left you. I'm jealous.
I know that it was early August that we were in Cape Breton last year, but where were all these plants last summer??

Nice work going on in the bathroom. Beware the 'domino factor' when remodeling, but I see that it's already happening!

How about a job announcement on your blog?! Congratulations!


Steven said...

Nice work there!!! :)

Gorgeous flowers Anna.