Saturday, October 06, 2007


My mother and sister left for a 3 week trip to Italy on Wednesday with a whole group from my father's side of the family. Dad is left behind eating Bologna sandwiches and making a mound of dirty laundry for me to wash when I come visit him next weekend. I have been forwarned by my mother that every cabinet door will be left open, all toilet seats will be left up, and that there will be crumbs in the drawers. While I am good at cleaning when the time is right, I would have to say I share a lot of similarities with my father.

Meatballs and pasta is as close to Italy as I am getting right now.

I will probably be making the trip to CT solo this time; leaving Tony behind to work on the bathroom floor. I have made him put it off a couple weekends in a row because we have to take the toilet up to do it. We only have one toilet. And I have a nervous stomach so the thought of not having a toilet would just set me off. We need to get it done soon though. We have no heat in our bathroom so we are installing a radiant heat mat under the slate tiles. Cold weather is fast approaching in Maine. It is so funny to me to be talking about redo our bathroom in slate and radiant heat and yada yada yada when we are so broke right now. We were pretty pleased with ourselves at how little we spent on the materials on the bathroom. About half of it was paid for by a gift my Gram gave all of her kids and grandkids (all 13!) when she sold her house. I think we are going on the 3 month mark of working on this little bathroom so it's time to git er done.

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