Friday, October 19, 2007

Mama Doobie

Well, my eye back to normal for the most part. My doctor gave me some antibiotic/steriod eye drops that cleared up the infection pretty quickly.

Little Mama Doobie (Nora) came home the other night looking like this.
Her chin in all cut up as you can see in the picture but her upper lip was also cut up and swollen. I cleaned her up the best I could (before I took these pictures). I didn't feel it was worthy of a trip to the vet ( and we don't have the money to go to the vet) so we just kept a close eye on her. She was preety lethargic for the first day but after I can her some leftover painkillers that we had (from one of her previous issues I'm sure) as well as some antibiotics (yup had those too) she seems to be feeling much better. We don't know if she got in a fight with another cat or if it is from something else. Whatever it was she isn't very eager to go back outside just yet and when she does she sticks right nearby.

Here are all 3 of our girl kitties. The babies are getting so big, in fact I think they are bigger than their little mama is.

Nora is the grey one on the top right, to her left is biggie, and then monkey is in the front.

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