Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Fair

The Fryeburg Fair is going on this week. Our class took a field trip there on Woodsman Day this past Monday. It felt like we didn't see a thing though and the kids were not at all into it. They just wanted their Fried Dough and Cotton Candy.
Tony and I went back on Thursday. We mostly go to check out the livestock and the fiber barn, and I tend to avoid the steer, oxen and hogs. Especially the hogs. The noises that the piglets make there are so satanic and deafening; it creeps me out. Our usual stops are the goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas. The nigerians and pygmies were too cute. We have been clearing some of the woods here to eventually make a goat pasture. I would love a mix of nigerians, pymies, pygoras, and angoras. We go back and forth about wanting some milking does (we could milk the nigerians and pygmies), I have heard it is ALOT of work, so I'm not so sure.

This guy was so cute, but also looked kind of sad.

And then some day, my dream, is to have a breeding stock of Alpacas. At $10,000-$20,000 a piece, i think this will always be just a dream. We also make our way through the poultry barn and the bunny barn and finish up in the fiber barn.

Last year we had talked of possibly entering our rooster, Buffy in the fair. Unfortunately Mr. Fox had other plans. After seeing some of the Angora rabbits they had there, I am more confidant that my 2 are good looking bunnies. Some of the rabbits there were just heinous looking, Buck toothed and scrawny. I bet Hagrid could win best in class if I entered him.

Our last stop was the fiber barn. Oh, how I wish I had money and a spinning wheel. I did get a small bag of wool, angora, llama roving. Got all ready to spin it up last night, and my hand spindle was no where to be found. I think I looked for almost 2 hours. How frustrating. Soooo, I made my own. Certainly wasn't great, but it worked.

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