Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And then there was 4.

So long Buffy. Whatever took our 2 hens, killed our rooster, Buffy on Sunday. We woke up to find a pile of feathers in the yard and a trail of feathers that led into the woods and to his body. His neck was broke and torn open. It sucked, and has been a sucky couple of weeks. I wasn't going to post the picture of him dead because i didn't want to gross anyone out, but hey, its my blog and Ive decided to put it up. Maybe someone will see it and post a comment on what they think the predator may have been.


Steven said...

That is crazy!
A chicken coop that my boss' boyfriend has upstate on his farm was attacked by coyotes! They have to build some insane fence in order to let the chickens out of the coop. So sad they have to stay indoors because of the threat. But I know a coyote mutilated one or two chickens...Michael (boyfriend) actually saw an attack happen. They are in PA, right over from the New York border in Shohola, PA.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry about your chickens. I know how it feels ... well, you know ;). Thanks for the comment on my blog. Mystery solved. It wasn't the fox, but the raccoon whom I found sleeping in the coop, probably waiting for the chickens to come out of their house. Who'd have thought wild animals would be such a threat to "livestock" here in the 'burbs ;)?