Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad News....

Matilda and Rose are gone. We haven't seen either of them in a couple days. Its normal not to see them during the day when they are out free ranging, but they always come home to the coop at night and come to me when I feed them. Rose espically. She used to follow me around. The only signs we have seen are a few of Rose's feathers out by the pond (which is somewhere she never goes). No blood and not a ton of feathers. They may still be alive and just roosting in the trees, something may have chased them and they are in hiding, or they may be sitting on some eggs in the woods. I haven't given up on them yet, but if i dont see them in the next day or two it doesn't seem good. There was a hawk flying around last week, but i thought at the size our girls are that they would be safe.Rose was our best egg layer too.
(Rose in front)
(Matilda is the brown one)

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