Friday, May 11, 2007

It Never Ends

Sooo...... I kinda broke my car today. Somehow I managed to bump into the metal poles that are at then end of the little islands at the gas station. I did it just right that my back tire kinda dragged along it and now my steering wheel is about 25 degrees tilted to the right when I am driving straight. I am hoping it is just the alignment and not an axel or something else that I cannot afford to fix. I shall find out tomorrow. Also in car news, I was driving home from work last week when from out of no where a sheet of that pink styrofoam insullation material came flying through the air just right to swipe my antenna off of my car. As if the radio reception out here wasn't bad enough already, now I get one station and it only comes in when my cell phone charger is not plugged in.

1 comment:

Steven said...

Girrrrrrl that is some bad car luck!!!
You need to write a book and make some $$$$. Next Harry Potter lady writer chick????????? If you make a few billion please send me some money so I can restore my CT black Jag!!! Thanks babe.
*kisses and stuff xoxoxoxo