Friday, May 11, 2007

About things.....

I have still not heard back about any full time teaching/ed tech positions for this fall, nor have i found a summer job. Frank called me today to tell me his neighbor sent in her resigination as a 7th grade science teacher in Gray, so I guess I will send out an application for that. My boss won't respond to my email in which I have asked her to let me know if they have hired someone for the position I interviewed for last week. Oxford Hills superintendent has not even picked up the applications for the study hall ed tech position yet and Poland has sent me letters to say that they received my applications but that is it.
It looks like my two bosses at aquatics are going to get sued for not having paid any money to the people they bought the businees from. A quarter of a million each plus the LLC is being sued as well.
My friend Dan or his company is being sued as well, for the incident last summer when a giant net reel fell off his truck and rolled over a fisherman.
Anyways,,,,, one of my service accounts cooked their tank during the heat wave we had..... so I spent part of today cleaning that mess up. I've also worked a couple of days doing the packaging and inventory for the people in Scarborough. It is an easy job, not something I would plan to do as work, but whatever works.
Tomorrow we have to drive out to Bath to fix a leaky sink at the apartment house. We need to sell that place, but with the way the market is now, we would probably have to take a loss to dump it.
I am tired and I have ANOTHER headache, but in good news it rained today which got everything blooming. Leaves are finally out on trees and my beans are poking out of the ground.

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