Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Bad News

It's not just an alignment issue on my car. They were nice enough to tell me this after I paid $280 for them to FIX my alignment. The sterring wheel is straight now but I still can't drive my car for shit. The steering if all effed and it feels like the back end of the car is going to fishtale out from under me when i drive. So off to the dealer it goes today. Can you say cha-ching! Looks like I will have to fill an insurance claim after all.
I didn't get the Windham job. It took my boss 2 weeks to tell me and she told me in an email, and I quote, 'sorry for being so impersonal'. To sum it up she blamed it on my other boss, saying she was away on vacation or something and he made the decision to hire someone else while she wasnt there. But she said feel free to use the recommendation letter she wrote me in my appplications for another job. Gee, Thanks. Look what good it did me for this job.
Still no chickens and the kittens are learning to use a kitty litter box,,,, hence their is kitten shit on my rug now.

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