Friday, May 04, 2007

Growing Seedlings, Growing kittens, and Growing a Rash

The seedlings are doing well. So far the side vegetable garden has some onions or scallions (dunno, there were there when we moved in), rhubarb, snap peas, sugar peas, spinach, and a bean trio planted.
Indoors we have roma and beefsteak tomatoes, more peas, carrots, lettuce, lemon cucumbers, summer squash, sweet peas, lavender, flax, basil, potatoes, onions, and parseley.


peas &carrots

lettuce & cucumbers

onions, potatoes, parsely and flax

new sweet peas i am excited about

I started turning over the soil in the back garden (still no rototiller) and oh my! that dirt sucks and is packed full of roots. So, i will be pushing lots of wheelbarrow loads of my compost back there.

The kittens are growing fast. They are getting around really well, learning to run and pounce. There is lots of wrestling and some of them come running when you call them. Nora has moved them back downstairs and they move too much to get any good pictures. PLUS, my camera is a mass murderer when it comes batteries. I mean it eats two batteries every two days. I would say maybe about an hour at most of the camera being on and the batteries are dead. This can't be normal can it?????

lil doobie

Speaking of not being normal, this is my arm.

It happens almost every week and is a result of cleaning fish tanks. No matter what i do to avoid it, some coral always stings me, my arm swells up and itches, then the swelling goes away and I am left with these itchy scab-y rashes. Just another reason to get out of this business.

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