Monday, July 30, 2007

Side Veggie Garden

Here are some pictures of the side vegetable garden. It is hard to photograph because of the fencing that surrounds it. The big center patch is lemon cucumbers, nasturshums (sp.?), and buried in back is some rhubard and chives. I planted way too many cukes and will need to learn how to make pickles and relish and any other cucumber products.
First Lemon Cucumber.

The right section is just carrots. I keep meaning to plant another row for a late harvest. These guys are huge. Behind them are the purple, yellow, and green beans. The tall climbing beans are scarlet runner beans. They make giant pods.

The left section is onions, and was formerely lettuce. The lettuce did terrible in this garden and was thriving in the back garden so I pulled it all up and planted some watermelons in its place. I got them in the gound really late in the season, but so far they seem to be growing very well. Behind the onions are snow peas and snap peas. These are so great in this garden but are great out back.

Watermelon, lettuce, onions.
What the hell is this scraggily looking flower. Some kind of coneflower maybe?
Hostas are in bloom behind the porch.

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