Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back By the Pond

I found these lillies hidden in the sticks so i did a major mowdown.

Nora likes to accompany me back at the pond.
The day lillies go all the way around the pond. There are easily 50 plants and most of the lillies stand about 4 feet tall.

The back veggie garden . Needs to be weeded but is doing very well. There are 9 very healthy tomato plants (romas and beefsteaks), 2 rows of carrots (the carrots in the font garden are doing better than these), 3 summer squash plants, a strawberry patch, dwarf snap and snow peas (better in back than the front), a trio of bush beans, some lemon cucumbers (much better in front), 4 basil plants, and then a giant plant that i have let grow to see hwat it does. It is some kind of weed.

Butterhead Lettuce is going nuts out back. It did horrible in the front vegetable garden. We can keep up with eating it so the rabbits have been getting a good share.
Summer squash in bloom. I was really behind on getting these started.

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