Saturday, July 07, 2007

Will work for work.

So, the job hunt continues. Here are the current stats:
1)Windham Study Hall Ed. Tech III-Didn't get the job but was rehired for my part time gig
2)Poland H.S. Science Teacher-never got a call
3)Poland M.S. Science Teacher-never got a call
4)Fryeburg Ed. Tech III-I have to call to see if they have started to review my app. yet
5)Raymond Library Ed. Tech- I have to call to see if they have started to review
6)Oxford Study Hall Ed Tech. II- I called, they havent started to review yet
7)Bridgton Library Assistant-Had 1st 2 interviews, waiting to hear back about a possible 3rd
8)Inland Fisheries Fish Culturist-received post card saying expect a call, still expecting
9)Casco Library Ed Tech- sending in application on Monday
10)Casco Elementary Ed Tech- sending out application on Monday

I feel like I have sent out a lot more than that, and probably have. Money is super tight this month so I really need to find something. Broke down the fish tank this morning to sell it off, deferred my school loans for a couple months (i qualified for economic hardship deferment), we are talking to a real estate agent about selling off the apartment building and may have to do a short sale, i canceled cable but they didn't do it right and our new bill went up .60 cents even though i turned in the cable box.
Something has to happen (hopefully good).


Steven said...

I will send you good Manhattan vibes! Lord knows people make wayyyyyyy more than they should down here 0:-) but that is the lifestyle we lead.
I went on Craig's List to check out your area. Haha the fact that Maine has just one list for the entire state was an eye opener ;) . Do you check it? You must know what that is....I talked to someone in CT and they were clueless about it, I was like "Are you serious?!" but I guess not all city things make it to the outer reaches of the American way.

Best of luck, the right thing will come along. I can just feel it!!! Don't worry when I come visit I'll bring tons of organic food and expensive alcohol, we'll just make sure no finance people come by when the Jaguar is parked at your place. :)


Steven said...

My assistant makes $16 an hour, come on down!!!!!! :)


-US said...

ha, thanks steven.