Tuesday, July 24, 2007


About time you posted a comment about me not posting. Took you long enough. I have been busy, and not in the mood, and i didnt have any batteries for my camera and i dont like to post without pictures cause it is boring. and i like run on sentences can you tell?

So, let me tell you about a little thing people call luck. and the lack of it i have. every single time a little extra money comes my way, something happens that costs me money to fix. AND, once again, i have yet another car problem. This time my fan has died. The one that blows on your radiator or something like that to keep you car cool. The one that really comes in handy when you are driving in the middle of bum fuck maine cause your hick self has decided to go see some farms in the country cause it is Maine Open Farm Day. Ya, its that little fan that when it dies, some old marlboro man (thank god) comes to save the day while you sit sweltering in your car on the side of the road swearing at the damn AAA lady who is not helping you. He told me what the problem was, cut through the wire so that my fan which was still spinning but not in the compartment it should have been would not explode into pieces and fly into my engine (or something like that). So.... with this little fan gone, you car will potentially over heat, soooooooo...........you have to drive home with you heat on high in 80 degree weather.

Oh and once again, just like last time, this happened just before my interview with inland fisheries (yes i made it there regardless) . So, my car is in the shop, again. Here are some random pictures including some of the alpaca farms i went to .

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