Saturday, July 28, 2007

What Doin'

Well, besides not getting hired for yet another job we have begun more projects around the house. Here is the current state of our bathroom. We ripped out the floors and the sink to prepare it to lay some slate tile. The floors were nasty with mold underneath but now it is so fresh and so clean.

We both agree that we want to lay the tile on an angle so they are diamonds instead of squares, but im not sure if i want them not staggered or staggered. I am leaning towards staggered. Any opinions?

We ripped out the rug in the living room a couple weeks ago. While we are going to live with cement floors for a while, we did purchase an area rug. Here are some pics of the living room right now. I dont have a great pic of the new rug, and stuff is all over the place from moving it in today, but you will get the idea.
Next is getting or making some slipcovers for the chair and couch I got from Gram, as I don't think the floral pattern goes with the new rug so well. And I'm not much of a floral girl.


Anonymous said...

what job did not pan out? the fisheries? or the academy?...their loss.

-US said...