Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Adopt Us!!!

Ty, Doobie, Biggie, Cy, and Monkey.

The babies need homes. Our friends backed out of taking Doobie and Ty (which is absolute crap). We are going to keep Monkey and Cy but Doobie, Ty, and Biggie need homes.

Doobie and Ty need a home they can go to together. They sleep and play together all of the time and are not the type of cats that want to be an only child. Doobie is by far the sweetest and smartest cat out of the group. She has an extra thumb on both front feet and talks a lot.

Ty is very playful and can be a bit shy. He loves attention and to be pet, but he very much decides when he will let you. He is all black and has 3 white spots on his belly and chest. (These aren't the best pictures of him, he is quick and blurs most of his photos).

Biggie also has double paws. She is a purring machine and loves to sit on your lap. She is super soft and has one white spot in her chest. Her eyes are very yellow. She is much more independent and acually seems to hang with the adult cats more than the kittens. She often sleeps by herself on the screened in porch.

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Steven said...

Awww :) they are so precious. If I didn't have allergies to these damn animals I may have to consider in the future!!! I'll need some thing to fill my Greenwich home......Jaguars will of course fill the garage so that is a species of cat. purrrrrr :) rarararar hisssssss grrrrrrr :)

Did you Google anything about double paws? Very interesting that more than one cat has them. Is it a genetic defect? Environmental? Possibly something the mother cat did when having them?? Hmmm investigate investigate!!!