Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tony and I ended up taking the entire weekend off from the bathroom project. On Sunday we ended up going hiking at FryeBrook and a few spots in Grafton Notch (in the Bethel area). The weather was perfect for it and the leaves up there are really starting to turn. It was an ideal first day of Autumn.

I have all of a sudden developed this fear.... I wouldn't call it a fear of heights, it's more a fear of falling. I have never felt like this in the past but I found myself overcome with vertigo and anxiety when trying to climb or cross some areas heading up the waterfall. I had to stop and backtrack to find a more comfortable route up. I took this picture just before feeling overcome, note my thrilled look in the next picture.
We also decided that we would like our wedding to be on the first day of Fall next year (there's your warning Ma).

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Anonymous said...

I think that the fear of heights IS because you fear you will fall from it! Welcome to the fear of falling! The first time I felt that was at that gorge in the New Hampshire Mts. My legs told me to sit down...now!! And the more I read about the Amalfi coast drive and its cliff-hanging, breathtaking, heart-stopping, hair-pin curving roads, the more I think I'll hunker down at the Villa for the week!!
Thanks for the wedding warning. Autumn is a beautiful season. Now...where? Here? There? Details?