Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cat fights

Some one is picking on Bodhi. For a while Bodhi and Thera were attacking Nora, but over the last week Bodhi has wound up with two good scratches on his nose. These fights usually occur at night and I believe this is when those stray cats are hanging around outside the windows stirring up trouble with my little menagerie.
The time is approaching to get the girls fixed. Biggie and Monkey are both showing that they very much want to be outside as much as they can so we can't risk waiting too long, God knows we're paying for that mistake already. Now we just need to come up with about $300 bucks to get it all taken care of. And then in about another month we will have to take care of Cy and Ty. And then Bodhi and Thera are due for their yearly checkups......Ugh.

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it's me said...

I don't know...poor Bodhi didn't get those scratches for nothing. Tho' not his fault if he is doing what comes naturally. ;)