Monday, September 10, 2007

Rainy Monday

Today was gray and rainy. Guess the gardens need it though. We are well into September and we just now have a tomato turning red. This is our first of the season. There are tons and tons of green ones out there. I am going to have to make a lot of sauce cause there is no way we will be able to eat all of them.

The cukes are still pretty prolific as well and I have made two more batches of pickles bringing it up to 5 batches so far this summer.

I also pulled up the shallots, over 20 of them.

The yellow flowers are in bloom in the back flower garden, yet another one I have to look up a name for. I think i read something about a tickseed or something along those lines that looks a lot like the flower. I wouldn't say i love these in the garden but they do make for good cut flowers.

Our quince produced a few fruit this year. I don;t remember seeing any last year.

Besides the gardens needing raining our pond is in dire need as well. It is probably down about 3-4 feet lower than last year. An interesting aspect of this is that we get to see all of the animal tracks due to the muck being exposed. There are also some little flowers in bloom in an area that is normally under water. The pond this year.
The pond last year.

More random flower currently in bloom. Any ideas what this one is?


me again said...

the two photos of the same pink flower are of "lyon's turtlehead" (chelone lyoni). in the snapdragon family. found in rich woods, wet thickets. july- september.

the same me said...

Need a closeup, but I think the white flower is called "nodding ladie's tresses (spiranthes cernua), orchid family. another one for moist thickets, damp meadows. should be fragrant.

-US said...

my closeups were blurry. will try to get some better shots and shall smell them, k woman