Saturday, December 22, 2007

First Alert

Over the last few weeks, our house has become smokier and smokier everytime we had the woodstove crancking. First it was just super smokey when you opened the door to add wood. Smoke would bellow out at you. We figured it was just a draft issue. Then smoke started seeping out of the connections between the stove pipes.In the last few days, smoke has been coming out of the cracks in the stone wall behind the wood stove. I would guess the 3 day migrane I had going for me had something to do with all of the smoke.
Today we decided it was time to finally replace the stove pipe and see if it would help the situation. Tony removed the old pipes, and holy shit.... where they bad. I literally had an anxiety attack and had to go outside for some fresh air. The pipes were a chimney fire just waiting to happen.
Mom made me pick up a CO2 detector today. We got one and it is all plugged in. New pipes are in place and all seems well. I am sure my Dad is shaking his head reading this. He is not a fan of fire and would get mad at me when i was a teenager for burning incense in my room. I think this was worse than burning incense.
So the old stove is smoke free. Next i think i want to find some stove blackening to refinish the ugly thing.
Good news is we were able to find some seasoned hardwood and we have 2 cords waiting for us to pick up. Looks like we will at least stay warm this winter.


Anonymous said...

Good. Nice work getting the new pipe in and thanks for getting the CO detector, I (and you) will sleep better tonight for it.

Maggie's Farm said...

My detector woke us up at 4 am recently. They really do work. Got some more sections and extended the chimney outside. Wood stoves are wonderful but very dangerous...good thing you caught it.

Steven said...

Thank goodness you caught that, that kind of stuff scares me to death. The only comparison I can do is of course finding 22 year old fuel lines in a Jaguar that are about to bust open onto a 1200 degree know what 32 pounds of pressure can do when a fuel hose busts? especially if you leave your car in a parking lot when the fuel leaks begin........i've seen pictures and destroyed Jags.
Just found two cracked hoses on my friend's black 86 Jag, completely split all around and could easily have completely busted open.......yeah he's fixing that. Scary stuff!

Glad you're safe and with a CO detector, my god I can't sleep without knowing mine is working perfectly.

New pipe looks amazing.