Sunday, December 09, 2007


Well, Earls apartment is offically ALMOST done. I didn't take any pictures while we were there yesterday, mostly because I am so over it. I think the black footprints that got tracked on the new rug I just installed and the green stain on the new vinyl in the middle of the bathroom floor pushed me over the edge. Anyways, the new tenant is in, and believe it or not she has expressed some interest in maybe purchasing the apartment house. I certainly don't have my hopes up though. In other EXCELLENT apartment house news, it seems one of the boilers has died and the upstairs apartment is only getting heat in the front half. SUPER.

I had my doctors appointment the other day. I feel like I have been there every week for the last month. They removed more skin around a mole that had a bad biopsy. They also took a third mole off my back. The big one.

We got a lot of snow last weekend and I am already ready for it to all melt. Our wood pile is looking dismal, and my latest call to buy more dry wood turned up empty handed. I am getting worried. It has been all over the news up here that everyone is out of seasoned firewood. We only have enough to get us through a couple more weeks if we are lucky. The bunnies waterbottles are freezing up. I have to dethaw once in the morning and once at night. The chickens haven't come out of the coop all week. They have stopped laying as well so I put the light back up in the coop in hopes to get them going. I had to buy eggs at the store the other day. Something I haven't had to do in over a year. Once you have fresh eggs the grocery store eggs just seem and look so wrong. Today I get to spend cleaning house. It has been so neglected due to our weekly trips out to Bath. Its bad. Really bad.

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