Sunday, December 16, 2007

Storm Kitty

The snow is piling up outside. Biggie went out at 6 this morning and still hasn't come home. She is usually back by 8, especially in snowy weather. It is almost 2pm now. I went out looking for her. The snow is up to my knees. I can't see her having an easy time getting back to the house in this stuff. I put on snowshoes and walked all the way to the side road, looped around to the pond, over to the pipeline, and back to the house. I saw what looked like tracks, but they led in circles and didn't look very fresh. At least my trails from the snow shoes will give her a path to get back to the house. Normally the garage door is left open a crack for them to go in there, but it didn't seem to be open enough this morning for her to have gone in. We just sent monkey out on a recognizance mission to hopefully track down bigstuff.
I need to get back to cleaning the house. I haven't done anything all day in here. I did manage to make some blueberry muffins but they didn't come out as good as they normally do.

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