Sunday, December 23, 2007

Planning a Wedding....

Sucks. Just kidding. Sort of. I am overwhelmed and frustruated and haven;t even begun. I can't even choose what state to have it in. My family is all in CT and T's family is all in Maine, so maine, new hampshire, or connecticut are the main contenders. We've only really gone to look at one place so far, we really liked it, but the dates we would like are completely booked. It is also in a bit of an odd location, making lodging accomodations a bit trickey for everyone. So this one was pretty much ruled out.

It is called Castle in the Sky and was really beautiful. We were there on October 29th. It was chilly and just past peak foliage. An ideal wedding there would have been the first week of October, but they are all booked for their Sept and Oct Saturdays.

Next contender is the Bedford Village Inn. We still have to look at this one and I am not sure where the ceremony would be. I just like the silos and the maybe looks of the reception hall. Sorry about the crappy images on this one. They are off the website.

Then there is the Barn at Outlook Farm. This one we really like for the recption hall. I love the post and beam look. Again, not so sure about where the ceremony would be. I think Saturday is the day we are finally going to go look at this one in person. We keep putting it off but have got to get our butts in gear. Couln't find any good pics. Go to the website to see this one.

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Steven said...

That will be a nice opportunity to take the black Jag up there for shizzle!
Congrats you two, you will definitely have beautiful children should you chose to have them, and that makes me very happy. ;)
*awww smile giggle * but you know i'm dead serious!