Saturday, December 15, 2007

Storms coming

They are predicting a big storm to hit tonite and tomorrow. I have heard all different predictions, some saying up to 2 feet, some saying 8-12, some say all snow, some say sleet and rain. While I really don't want any type of storm right now (except for the fact of a snow day), I espically don't want an ice storm. I enjoy having electricity thank you.
Meanwhile on the homestead, I have been working all morning, cleaning and rearraging the house. There is WAY too much crap in here for me to get what I want done. We still have piles of Earl's stuff to get rid of plus extra furniture pieces that we need to move out to the garage. I moved our computers out to the main room. The living room just doesn't get warm in the winter and we both spend a lot of time on the puters so we should be nice and cosey by the wood stove....for about 3 days or so until we run out of dry wood. We are desperately trying to track seasoned hardwood down but there has been a big demand this year and the while state is having a shortage. Super.

Still no xmas tree or wreath but i did manage to string up some lights on the spiral staircase. I will add more pictures later as once again i need to change the batteries in my camera.
cleanish side

messy side

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Anonymous said...

"cleanish side" is looking good. I'm still pushing for insulating thermal shades on those windows though. Maybe after the holidays, in between storms, I'll come up and we can put your sewing machine to good use.